American Football vs European Football

There is usually confusion between American football and European football, but the differences between the two games are pronounced. Though they use the same title (football) that is just by definition. In football games in America, players control the ball with their hands, while in Europe, football is usually referred to as soccer. Soccer requires that players pass around the ball with their legs and it would be a foul to use hands on the ball. The football game requires 11 players in each team on the rectangular field which is up to 100 yards in length. The game involves tackling, having the ball and moving forward to score a goal.

Soccer uses a round ball, unlike the oval football in American football. The game which only allows players to use their feet also permits the use of other body parts to play such as the knees, head, and arms. When a foul happens, mainly when a player uses their hands, the other team will be given control of the ball. It is only the goalkeepers who are allowed to use their hands throughout the game.

European soccer is usually played on football fields. They look like the football field in American football, except that the field holds two goal nets which are like hockey, but much bigger. Both American football and soccer have their time of the game in quarters. The game is usually grouped into four quarters with half time. Soccer doesn’t take so much time on the field, because their rules are fewer than those of football.

American football is quite complicated. It has many flags and penalties for a lot of acts. Soccer, on the other hand, gives penalties mostly for issues such as offsides or out of bounds. There is always an issue of sportsmanship in both games because players are usually very competitive. In soccer, players are not allowed to tackle another player in the game deliberately; however, some players usually will collide with other players and strike them.

Both American football and European football (soccer) are very much alike in some areas but very different in many ways. No matter what angle you look at both sports, you will agree that they are both competitive and aggressive, but are very interesting to watch.

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