American Football Merchandise

American football is no longer just for the Americans! NFL games regularly come to the UK and it is possible to go and watch them live with other like minded fans. At one time you could only watch American football on TV, and the Superbowl was exciting to watch. However, as it was shown live it was always in the middle of the night in the UK, so recording it to watch later was the only option (unless you stayed up all night and took the day off work the next day).

Dressing for Game-Day

Trousers are the most comfortable and practical item you can wear on game day. You can buy them with your team logo on so it is easy to show your support. You can pair your trousers with a raglan top, sweater or jacket. If you really want to go all out you can wear a replica jersey with the name of your favourite player, or even your own name if you want to personalise it.


If you have a favourite team then you might want to buy some fan apparel. You can often buy these at games, but things like t-shirts, trousers and pajamas can also be bought online. They are also excellent gifts for fans of American football, so thats makes Christmas and Birthday shopping just that little bit easier.


American football for most people outside of the US is the NFL. The National Football League is the most well know, but you can also watch college games too which are just as exciting. Teams like the Texas Longhorns (Univeristy of Texas, Austin) regularly have players drafted to the NFL. In fact, the southern states are the most popular choices for high schoolers looking to play professional football as they seem to often have players chosen to play in the NFL. Being drafted means making it big, and that means as long as you stay injury free you are likely to become a household name earning big bucks in no time at all.

If you are lucky, you can get to witness the full career of an NFL player. In states like Texas, the friday night high school game attracts big crowds, it is a way of life for many and the result of the game can determine your mood for the rest of the week. If yoru star player gets scouted by a college with a strong football program and coaches with experience, then the chances are they could go all the way.

One day you could be sitting at the Superbowl watching live, while a kid you saw play in your hometown as a teenager comes running onto the field.

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