Guide to American Football Gear

There was a time when players wore just a little padding to prevent serious injuries. These days, however, the football players have more advanced apparel which will ultimately reduce the risk of fatalities. Players are able to enjoy the game in more comfortable wear, that feels light on the body and allows them to move freely. Here are a few of the most essential items you need in your kit as a newbie in the game.

The Ball

There are leather balls and synthetic balls which you can choose from. There are footballs for young players and professionals. If you are buying a new ball for your kid, and you plan on training your child as a quarterback, then you can also get a small practice ball to develop throwing skills.


This is very important for American football. The helmet usually has thick padding with hard plastic, a facemask with some metal bars and chin strap which hold the helmet in place.


Players are usually seen wearing an oversized jersey, mostly because of the extra padding which is inside it. Also, you will need to get leggings made from a stretchy material, to be able to fix any extra padding inside some special slots in your pants, especially around the knees and thighs.

Shoulder Pads

The modern football outfit usually has a shock absorbing foam material for shoulder pads, and it is kept in place with a hard plastic piece placed on top. Each type of player has their own required shoulder pads. For quarterbacks, punters and placekickers, they use very light shoulder pads which will stay firmly without affecting their line of sight or restricting their head movement. Other players can choose to use much heavier pads to allow them to take a big hit.

Mouth Guard

This fits perfectly in the mouth to protect injury while playing. You will need a dentist to measure to fit your teeth, or you can buy the ones which can be heated to mould to your teeth.

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