Interesting Facts About American Football

American Football Came from Soccer and Rugby

The American football game looks exactly like a combination of soccer and rugby. The game is played using an oval ball, and the objective is for a player to take the ball at the end zone to count as a touchdown. The quarterback in the game throws the ball to a player who then passes on the ball or runs with the ball to the end zone. The touchdown is worth six points and teams tackle opposing players or intercept the ball.

American Football Was First Played in 1869 Between Rutgers and Princeton

The game was first played in 1869, and the rules applicable then, were very different from the modern game we now play. It was later on, in 1880, that the rules of the game were compiled by Walter Camp. Walter also specified the size of teams and even the system of touchdowns. However, his rules have been reviewed.

American Football Is Known as the Most Popular Sport in the United States

The 17 weeks season of this football game may seem very short, yet it still doesn’t change the fact that people will always love to watch the game. The arenas are always filled up with people cheering for their best teams. The game is the most popular American sport, including its championship, and the Super Bowl, which are most watched television shows every year.

NFL is the Governing Body of the Game in the United States

The National Football League (NFL) was established in 1920, and at that time it was called the American Professional Football Association. The NFL makes sure that the rules of the game are always followed. They also conduct the 256 games which run for the 17 weeks season. The games usually start the week after Labor Day and end in the new year.

Super Bowl is the NFL Championship

Winners at the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference meet to compete at the NFL Championship, Super Bowl every year. It is amongst the most popular football events in the United States. The Super Bowl is usually the end of the football season.

Football Players in College are Drafted into Teams

NFL organises a draft every year for teams which will be selected from colleges. The eligible young players are given contracts. The team which ends up with the most losses in the game will have the first pick. The draft picks are organised based on losses, and then the winning team will be the last to draft picks.

NFL Comprises of 32 Teams in Two Conferences; the AFC and NFC

The 32 teams of the NFL are grouped into the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Each of the two conferences has one championship game every year. Then, the winners have a face off at the Super Bowl.

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