American Football Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are a staple of most sports in the US. There are cheer squads in high school, college, and of course, professional cheerleaders who support their teams from the NFL to the NBA. So why is snatching a place on the cheer squad so prestigious?


As well as offering much-needed support and encouragement to their team, the cheer squad also provides entertainment for the crowd during downtime. Carefully planned routines choreographed to perfection at all levels bring as much pleasure to the crowds as a touchdown. In fact, hardworking cheerleaders are athletes in their own right, and the best compete at national and global levels. Some even consider them better than gymnasts, as they jump, twist, and spin under their own steam without the aid of apparatus.

Staying Fit

Like any other athlete, it is essential that cheerleaders look after their bodies, as what they do can be very hard on the joints. While cheerleading is unisex, one factor that might affect some women is the size of their breasts. Trying to do the mid-air flips can be very painful for those struggling with their breast size. Luckily the healthcare professionals at may fix it. Discussing your needs with one of their experienced surgeons may even change your life.


Because cheerleading is so competitive, it can cause rivalries between cheer squads just as intense as those between the two teams going head-to-head on the field. While it is not always as you see on TV or in films, where often cheerleaders are portrayed as mean, dishonest, and manipulative, there are some elements of that. Everyone wants to win, and everyone is determined to have the most unique routine; this often means making risky moves that don’t always pay off; the other teams will be relieved and maybe even delighted to see their rival struggle to do well.

Cheerleaders in the NFL

Arguably, the most well-known NFL cheer squad is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, thanks to their reality TV show ‘Making The Team’. Anyone who has an interest in becoming a professional cheerleader for any team should watch it. It shows how arduous the training camp is and how hard it is to secure a place on the squad. Other top cheer teams in the NFL are The Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots, all of whom have the same rigorous training camps.

American Football in the UK

American football doesn’t just stay stateside anymore. The UK has its own teams and also welcomes some big-name NFL teams such as the San Francisco 49ers to play here in the UK. Popularity in the game is growing, and so is the need for cheerleaders. But whether you do it professionally or for fun, it’s a great way to work out!

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